No home can go without an air conditioner, especially in the Atlanta area. The summer heat here can cause incredible discomfort and..

HVAC Services In Atlanta Shares How To Choose Your AC Wisely

No home can go without an air conditioner, especially in the Atlanta area. The summer heat here can cause incredible discomfort and sometimes pose a potential health risk. The need for an AC unit is undeniable. However, you should be careful when buying an air conditioner. The wrong type of unit could end up being inefficient or ineffective. HVAC services in Atlanta ask: Do you know what not to do when purchasing an air conditioner for your home?

HVAC services in Atlanta - LennoxHVAC Services In Atlanta – 5 Mistake To Avoid

The following are five mistakes that you should avoid making when buying an AC unit:

  1. Buying the most affordable unit – Some of the more expensive units aren’t just more expensive due to luxury features that you may not ever use. Most of the time, AC units that are more expensive initially could end up saving you money over the long term. This is because they may be more energy efficient, which could help reduce your energy costs. By being better built, high-end AC units offer a longer life to homeowners.
  2. Ignoring the efficiency ratings – Pay attention to the SEER rating on the AC units you are comparing. AC units are required to have a minimum of a 14 SEER rating. Properly matched systems, AC units with the right furnace, that have a 14 SEER rating can achieve up to 16 SEER. The higher the SEER rating is, the more you’ll save on your cooling bills over the long term.
  3. Not sizing the unit properly – Buying an AC unit that’s not the right size will lead to trouble cooling your home to your desired comfort level. For example, a smaller AC unit will end up working harder than it should, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Being overworked can result in the AC unit to need for more repairs. On the other hand, an AC unit that’s too big will waste energy. A reputable company that provides HVAC services in Atlanta can evaluate and recommend the exact AC your home needs.
  4. Not having the AC properly installed – It doesn’t matter how much you invest in your air conditioner. Even if it’s one of the highest quality models available, it’s not going to work effectively or efficiently if it’s not properly installed. Indoor and outdoor units shouldn’t be installed far from one another. The farther the distance between units, the farther cool air has to travel, which will require more energy. Additionally, if the outdoor unit isn’t installed on a level surface, it can cause drainage problems.
  5. HVAc services in Atlanta  - installerNot maintaining the AC regularly – A new AC unit still will require yearly maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. A professional HVAC technician can clean the air conditioner, lubricate the parts if needed and repair any problems during regular maintenance inspections. But, this isn’t the only reason that you should schedule yearly maintenance; a lack of yearly maintenance could end up voiding your warranty. *Don’t forget an important part of maintenance is regularly changing your HVAC unit’s filter.

TemperaturePro North Atlanta Offers Premier HVAC Services In Atlanta

While knowing what not to do when buying an AC unit can lead you to make the most informed decision, having a trusted provider of HVAC services in Atlanta can ensure that you make the best purchase. For a professional in buying a new air conditioner that meets your home or commercial property needs, contact us or call TemperaturePro North Atlanta today at (678) 335-4769.

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