While the average temperature in Atlanta during the summer months may not be unbearably hot, it can still get pretty uncomfortable – even if you turn..

Keep your homes cooler in the summer without busting your budget

While the average temperature in Atlanta during the summer months may not be unbearably hot, it can still get pretty uncomfortable – even if you turn your air conditioner on! To beat the summer heat, some people crank up their air conditioning and end up using a lot of energy in the process. Is there a way to create a more comfortable environment inside the home without busting your budget? Yes, there is, according to your trusted HVAC service in Johns Creek.

5 Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool on a Budget

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  1. Put fans into use. While a ceiling fan can’t actually lower the temperature inside the home, it creates a breeze that can actually help you feel cooler. By turning the ceiling fan on, you can stay comfortable without lowering your thermostat settings. You can also turn the furnace fan on to circulate and distribute cool air throughout the home. Do these and you can save a lot of money without sacrificing comfort.
  2. Let the cool air in. Opening your windows at night lets the warm air out and the cool air in. However, keep windows closed during the day to prevent unwanted heat and humidity from entering the home.  
  3. Blinds can be your best friend. Considering the fact that 76% of sunlight falling on your window surfaces enters the home to become heat, using light-colored window shades, blinds and curtains can help reduce solar heat gain by up to 50% and lower indoor temperatures by up to 20o. To further sweeten the deal, using window treatments can also lower your energy bills by up to 7%!
  4. Avoid doing chores during the day. Using your oven or stove, doing laundry, and using the dishwasher produce a significant amount of heat so don’t use them during the day.HVAC Service Johns Creek - maintenance
  5. Keep your air conditioning properly maintained. Proper maintenance can help your unit perform at its best in cooling your home without using up more energy than it should. So, change your AC filters regularly (preferably every 4 to 6 months during heavy use), check your evaporator coil every year and clean it if needed, condensate drain channels to prevent them from clogging, and keep the surrounding area clean. For best results, hire a professional HVAC service in Johns Creek to keep your AC in peak condition. It’s the best thing you can do to prolong the life of your AC and keep you cool just when you need it most.      

Avoid Summer Heat – Call the Best HVAC Service Johns Creek Today!

There is no better way to beat the heat than by keeping your AC unit in great shape. So, do yourself and your loved ones a favor by calling in the experts in HVAC care – TemperaturePro North Atlanta. We are proud to say that we have a team of highly skilled technicians who are committed to doing the job right the first time.

For questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please contact us or give us a call at (678) 335-4769 right away. Our customer service team is available throughout our business hours to serve you.

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