Fall presents it’s own challenges to homeowners and their comfort systems. For those of us who suffer from severe allergies, or dislike cold weather..

Fall presents it’s own challenges to homeowners and their comfort systems. For those of us who suffer from severe allergies, or dislike cold weather, fall can be a stressful time. Whether it’s ragweed, pollen, dust, and mold, there is a lot in the air, and cold fronts begin to roll through. Luckily cold weather in fall is not nearly as difficult to deal with as it is in winter, which provides homeowners the opportunity to prepare.

At TemperaturePro we like to help allay those challenges and prepare homeowners for winter by providing useful information to the people of Atlanta. It is our hope that this blog helps you do just that!


Clean your outdoor HVAC unit and your indoor air through a little DIY care sometime this fall. Cleaning your HVAC can save you 10% on energy every month. You can also rid your home’s indoor air of pesky allergens allowing you to breathe easier. Clean air and efficiency are important all year but are especially important during seasonal changes.

You’ll only need a few minutes, and a few tools to reap these immense benefits.

Schedule An HVAC Appointment

Professional HVAC techs can go a step further and optimize your unit for peak performance. They can also clean your ductwork to make sure the air in your home is even cleaner. Checking your HVAC for minor issues is another important part making sure your unit is ready for the cooler temperatures. There are few things worse than needing a repair when winter is at it’s highest, but you can avoid that by checking your HVAC now!


Filters provide your home and air system with a breath of fresh air. Insert a new filter as the seasons change to make sure the good work you’ve done doesn’t go to waste. A new air filter can save you up to 15% on energy every month and catch any lingering particles that are circulating throughout your home. Filters are a great way to help your HVAC cope with the seasonal change and the different kinds of pollutants in the air.

Invest in IAQ Products

There are several different Indoor Air Quality products that can clear the air in your home this fall!

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers take pollutants and contaminants directly out of the air inside your home. Purifiers a great product for allergy seasons like fall which can help those who suffer from severe allergies.

UV Lamps

Contrary to popular belief, cold weather or cold AC does not make you sick. Constant cold weather that is common to fall and winter has a natural effect of reducing your immune system’s effectiveness. That’s why germs and viruses that are common year round have more success and become more prevalent. UV lamps inside your home can eliminate the microscopic threats and keep your family safe from sickness through the cold season.


As temperatures go down humidity changes; the mugginess of humidity is lost, and it begins to become it damper. Damp spots in your home can cause mold, so keep it in check with a humidifier that will manage all humidity inside your home.

Duct Sealing

Make sure your home uses all the air in produces by sealing your ducts. Making sure more air travels to its desired destination will improve your HVAC efficiency as a whole.

Let TemperaturePro Prepare You For Fall!

Fall is here, and the responsible thing to do is to make sure the air in your home is clean, and your HVAC is ready for winter. These are simple tasks and affordable solutions that will have your home comfort and indoor air set for months to come. Be proactive about your comfort, and have a positive impact today! When hiring an HVAC professional for your seasonal check up, make sure you check their certifications and online reviews!

If you have any more questions about indoor air quality during fall, how you can save money, or what you can do to prepare for winter just give us a call today! Save money and breathe easy with TemperaturePro!

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