It’s only been a few weeks since Georgia was blasted by Snow-prise 2017, an almost completely unexpected snowstorm that froze the northern..

It’s only been a few weeks since Georgia was blasted by Snow-prise 2017, an almost completely unexpected snowstorm that froze the northern half of the state for nearly a week. That event showed a lot of people in our state a brutal truth; their heating systems either weren’t up to snuff or couldn’t handle the load. In the days during and after the storm, calls to repair or replace a home heating system exploded, an even those who had systems prepared for the cold were and are still concerned. So, now that we’ve entered January and the cold weather has no end in sight, ask yourself: Will your heating system last?

Can your Heating System Survive?

People generally don’t think about a heating system until it stops working, and that is far too late. Especially in extremely cold weather or winter precipitation, a single day without a functioning 

heating system

heating system is not only uncomfortable, it can be deadly for those with weaker immune systems. There are a few different ways you can check to see if your heating system is working, and if you are getting the most out of it in this cold weather.

*Check Your Vents: This almost goes without saying, but the easiest way to see if your system is working is to check the air coming from the vents in your home. Is the air cold, or warm and just barely a gust? This is a sign that things either aren’t working, or aren’t working properly.


heating system

*Check Your Bills: Did your energy bills spike with the recent cold? Of course, energy bills do tend to go up with extreme weather, hot or cold, but 

an unusual amount is a good sign that there is a problem. Compare this year’s bills with last year’s and see if there is a significant difference.

*Check Your Filters: With day-to-day life, it can be easy to forget things like changing the filters in your heating system. A filter that goes unchanged for too long can clog and even shut down an entire system, so check and replace your filters where necessary.

Of course, the best way to decide if your heating system is going strong is call the pros at TemperaturePro, but these three steps can help before you ever pick up the phone.

Call TemperaturePro today!

If you have a question about your heating system, now is the time to make sure it is working properly. Give TemperaturePro a call today at (678) 888-HVAC or book an appointment online and let us keep you warm this winter!

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