When summer hits in Georgia, nothing is more important than your air conditioning. Having your unit serviced regularly is incredibly important to having..

When to Get a New HVAC Services Company

When summer hits in Georgia, nothing is more important than your air conditioning. Having your unit serviced regularly is incredibly important to having it run efficiently. However, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to get the job done. Your brother-in-law might be able to tinker around, and your uncle might “know a guy,” but a reputable HVAC services company is the only help that will keep your unit running smoothly this summer. Do you need a new HVAC services company? Here’s what to consider.

You Need a New HVAC Services Company When…

They make potentially dangerous mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but HVAC contractors can’t afford to make any, especially when it involves combustion safety. If you call your HVAC contractor about a suspected carbon monoxide leak, and all they did was change the batteries in the alarm when they don’t see any cracks in the heat exchanger, they are not well-informed about combustion safety, which is putting you at risk for CO poisoning.

They ignore air flow. A good HVAC contractor knows that air flow depends on two things: your equipment and your air ducts. Even if you have a new or properly functional air conditioner and furnace, you can’t expect proper air flow if the existing ductwork is cracked, leaky, is not sized right or does not match with your current HVAC equipment.   

They don’t address issues affecting home comfort. If your HVAC contractor doesn’t advise you on how you can further improve your home’s energy efficiency, it’s definitely time to look for someone who is willing to go the extra mile to address your home performance issues. A good contractor will tell you if your attic and basement is properly insulated or if you have a problem with your ventilation and point out other areas for improvement.        

They don’t look at your house as a system. You need to start looking for another HVAC services company if your current contractor doesn’t look at your house as a system. One of the hallmarks of a good HVAC contractor is the ability to ask the right questions and analyze the problem before doing any work. They understand that they can pinpoint and solve issues more effectively by listening to the homeowners’ problems. For example, a musty smell that intensifies when the furnace or air conditioning is turned on may indicate the presence of mildew in your HVAC system. Other common signs of mold and mildew infestation include persistent coughing, allergies or depression among family members.

They bid low or charge high. While you should clearly consider changing HVAC service providers who charge more than they should, you should also avoid low bidders like the plague. These contractors usually use the cheapest materials and hire poorly trained technicians just to make a profit. By hiring the lowest bidder, you’ll get exactly what you paid for.

Everyone Deserve High Quality and Affordable HVAC Services – Including You!

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