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Use this blog to find the perfect air filter for your home; one that will keep the air clean and flowing within your home!

At TemperaturePro, we talk a lot about the importance efficiency, cleanliness, and optimization. We like to empower HVAC owners everywhere with some of the expertise we have, and we always advocate for proactive behavior on the owner’s part. That said, one of the things we find ourselves talking about a lot is air filters, and how important they are. We’re always telling customers to make sure they change their filters on a regular basis and to ensure there is a clean one in their system.

With all this talk about air filters, we felt it was only right that we dedicate a blog to the relevant facts about filters, what kinds there are available and what the rating system means. We hope you can put this knowledge to good use next time you are shopping for or replacing an air filter!

An excellent way to save money and get the most out of the energy you put into your home-comfort system is effectively using your thermostat. Check out the answers to these 3 must-know thermostat questions that can translate to big savings on your monthly energy bills.

HVAC solutions to Fall weather problems.


Fall presents it’s own challenges to homeowners and their comfort systems. For those of us who suffer from severe allergies, or dislike cold weather, fall can be a stressful time. Whether it’s ragweed, pollen, dust, and mold, there is a lot in the air, and cold fronts begin to roll through. Luckily cold weather in fall is not nearly as difficult to deal with as it is in winter, which provides homeowners the opportunity to prepare.

At TemperaturePro we like to help allay those challenges and prepare homeowners for winter by providing useful information to the people of Atlanta. It is our hope that this blog helps you do just that!

Four energy efficient products that will help keep you cool during the summer heat.

Air conditioning is essential during the blazing hot Atlanta summers. If you have to use your air conditioner, why not be efficient while you’re at it? The first step to efficiency and low energy bills during a hot summer is having an efficient cooling system. Check out these energy efficient products to consider this summer!

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